Conference Agenda

8:00 AM
Registration and Breakfast
Shangri-La, Toronto
8:45 AM
Opening Comments From the Chair
Shangri-La, Toronto

Tony Shea

Senior Director Environmental Compliance, NRG Energy
9:00 AM
Opening Keynote
Shangri-La, Toronto

How Leaders Avoid Getting Blindsided: Using Operational Risk Management to Tame Systems Failures

System failures, such as major bankruptcies, industrial accidents, cybersecurity breaches, public health disasters, and counter-terrorism failures, are in the headlines every day. But even organizations in more prosaic domains—from retail to manufacturing and commercial banking—see their share of system failures, and the potential for such failure grows as the complexity of our systems increase. Through compelling cases from a variety of industries like finance, aviation, and healthcare, leaders will learn practical, on-the-ground techniques they can readily implement, including:

  • How to identify (and reshape) the factors that push systems toward disaster
  • How open communication channels lead to robust capabilities for managing the unexpected
  • How to cultivate data-driven approaches to overcome cognitive biases and groupthink

Chris Clearfield

Principal, System Logic
9:45 AM
From risk management to operational excellence: How quality aligns with your EHS management systems
Shangri-La, Toronto

Industry leaders are embracing the integration of Quality and EHS management to get more value from cross-cutting activities such as risk assessment, audit programs, and CAPA. Ongoing harmonization of standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and eventually DIS/ISO 45001:2017 creates an unprecedented opportunity for business leaders to move from silos and compliance towards cross-functional Operational Excellence. Some of the discussion points will include:

  •  Actionable recommendations to guide unification of the Quality and EHS people, process, and technology landscape
  • How to transform your organization into a high performing industry leader through best practices that characterize how maturity levels are correlated with KPI performance
  • The role of technology in enabling integrated management systems and driving performance improvement
  • How an Operational Excellence maturity model can guide performance and capture cross-functional synergies

Peter S. Bussey

Analyst, LNS Research

Dan Jacobs

Analyst, LNS Research

Nigel Southway

Partner & Engineering VP, Additive Metal Manufacturing Inc.

Kathy A. Seabrook

Founder & President, Global Solutions Inc.
10:30 AM
Shangri-La, Toronto
11:00 AM
Corporate Panel: How operational risk management initiatives can drive a quality-first safety culture
Shangri-La, Toronto

This executive panel will illustrate how successful companies are prioritizing risk management, and embedding a quality-first safety culture to drive operational excellence throughout the organization. Learn how some of the world’s most forward thinking businesses are creating capacity, leveraging their EHSQ program as a strategic differentiator, and ultimately driving greater improvements enterprise wide. Join in the discussion as these leaders discuss how they:

  • Control operational risk through systems-based safety and quality programs
  • Embrace the use of leading indicators to improve their overall approach to safety and quality
  •  Dramatically lowered incidents, costs, and ultimately saved lives through a cultural transformation in EHSQ
  •  Optimize their new and existing programs to generate deeper, executive level insights and operational excellence across their organizations

Kenny Sandlin

VP of H&S, Pace Industries

Scott Lyon

Director, ECOLAB

Adrian Morgan

VP Quality Assurance, GBW Railcar Services

Vijay Gudivaka

CEO, E2ManageTech Inc.
12:15 PM
Shangri-La, Toronto
1:15 PM
Case Study: Qantas Airlines
Shangri-La, Toronto

Evolving Safety: How to achieve a proactive approach to safety reporting and quality excellence

It’s no accident that the global incident rate for the air transport industry continues to decrease each year - despite growing traffic and demand. When it comes to safety - what sets this industry apart and what are the transferable lessons organizations within other industries can take away? Hear directly from the Executive Manager of Safety and Health at Qantas as he examines how an open safety culture and an industry-wide shared safety burden helps to drive a proactive approach to safety reporting and program excellence. Discover how Qantas leverages technology, training, and world-class health safety programs to become the world’s safest airline.

Tim Jenkins

Executive Manager S&H, Qantas

Bruce Scott

Business Technology Manager, Qantas
1:45 PM
Selection Criteria and Next Steps
Shangri-La, Toronto

Best practices and lessons learned into selection and implementation criteria for EHSQ platforms

Software systems are an essential component of any EHSQ program, and require a firm knowledge of each competing system, its benefits, and its limitations. For that reason we have assembled a moderated  panel of experts to address why they chose their platform.

Each participant was selected to address their own unique experiences, and each will provide exceptional access into their involvement in selecting, purchasing, implementing, and addressing the ongoing governance issues surrounding their platform of choice. This invaluable session will address issues such as:

  • Determining where the pitfalls lie and what the major obstacles were
  • Examining the lessons learned, and how roadblocks were navigated
  • Gaining insights into what they would do differently if they had to do it again
  • Maintaining stringent compliance and governance requirements across the organization 

Kristen Duda

Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Intelex

JR VanOrder

Global Practice Director, CH2M

Michael McHugh

Environmental Manager, Koppers Inc.

Andrés Ogaz

Vice President Technology, Operations Modeling & Planning

Carl Westerdahl

Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
2:45 PM
Shangri-La, Toronto
3:15 PM
Digital Insights CEO Panel
Shangri-La, Toronto

Planning your EHSQ technology innovation journey

Mobility, Wearables, IoT, VR, Big Data, and Machine Learning - these are key trends that are changing the EHSQ landscape. Forward-thinking organizations now view new technologies combined with data capture and analytics as vital to carrying out their business strategy. The ability to connect and inspect in real time through sensors and to integrate more - and better - data is leading to greater insight and proactivity in the day-to-day operations across organizations. This new wealth of information can fuel better predictive models, increased productivity, and superior regulatory compliance.

This session features insights from CEO experts as they envision the digital EHSQ ecosystem, outline current trends, and present research showing progress being made toward the goal of being fully transformational. Learn how organizations deploy data to zero in on underperforming areas, build and track better leading indicators, and reinforce EHSQ successes, ultimately transforming their organizations into a prescriptive analytics enterprise that can achieve business success.

David Metcalfe

CEO & Co-Founder, Verdantix

Mark Jaine


Shawn Doherty

Global Commercial Director, ERM

Sean Petterson

CEO, StrongArm Technologies

Chris Wiegand

CEO, Jibestream
4:30 PM
Closing Keynote: Billy Beane
Shangri-La, Toronto

Sustaining competitive advantage with data driven decision making

Billy Beane explores his innovative, winning approach to management and leadership. Considered one of the most progressive baseball executives in the game, Beane’s journey is chronicled by best-selling author Michael Lewis in his bestselling book “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.” Beane’s “Moneyball” philosophy has been adopted by organizations of all sizes, across all industries, to more effectively, efficiently, and profitably manage their assets, talent, and resources. He has helped to shape the way modern businesses view and leverage big data and employ analytics for long- term success.

At the EHSQ Leadership Summit, Beane shares his experience proving new strategies can yield new results – and change perceptions and expectations for business success along the way. He will convey his innovative, winning style of management and leadership, which involves utilizing analytics to identify undervalued assets to create and sustain a competitive advantage. By striking parallels between baseball and business, Beane inspires audiences across industries with his unforgettable winning story.

Billy Beane

EVP, The Oakland A's
5:30 PM
Closing remarks from the Chair
Shangri-La, Toronto

Tony Shea

Senior Director Environmental Compliance, NRG Energy
5:45 PM
VIP Reception
Shangri-La, Toronto

EHSQ Leadership Summit 

The EHSQ Leadership Summit is the premier business leadership gathering health, safety, environmental sustainability, and quality management professionals. The Summit highlights strategic opportunities for using mobile technology, big data, cloud-based collaboration, and predictive modelling to move from a reactionary, risk-based approach to a preventative mindset that will ultimately help companies be more productive and ensure brand integrity.

The Summit moves beyond standard incident reporting practices; it will highlight data-driven examples of how senior leaders can evolve beyond traditional reporting systems to achieve exponentially stronger performance in all aspects of EHSQ. By discussing how to create environments conducive to data capture and pairing this with bottom-up user adoption best practices, the Summit demonstrates how to achieve breakthrough insights that can lead to continuous improvement and organizational transformation.

The EHSQ Leadership Summit gives senior executives the opportunity to learn and think alongside fellow industry leaders. Delegates will return with knowledge of how deploying the right technological innovation can reduce risk, drive continuous improvement on EHSQ, and position their organizations as leaders in best practices and profitability.

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