Conference Speakers

Billy Beane

EVP, The Oakland A's

Chris Clearfield

Principal, System Logic

Dan Jacobs

Analyst, LNS Research

David Metcalfe

CEO & Co-Founder, Verdantix

Dr. Gary Edwards

Principal, Golfdale Consulting

Peter S. Bussey

Analyst, LNS Research

Kenny Sandlin

VP of H&S, Pace Industries

Tim Jenkins

Executive Manager S&H, Qantas

Brad Wilson

Sr. Principal Consultant, ERM

Scott Lyon

Director, ECOLAB

Nigel Southway

Partner & Engineering VP, Additive Metal Manufacturing Inc.

Kathy A. Seabrook

Founder & President, Global Solutions Inc.

Tony Shea

Senior Director Environmental Compliance, NRG Energy

Adrian Morgan

VP Quality Assurance, GBW Railcar Services

Vijay Gudivaka

CEO, E2ManageTech Inc.

Mark Jaine


Shawn Doherty

Global Commercial Director, ERM

Sean Petterson

CEO, StrongArm Technologies

Bruce Scott

Business Technology Manager, Qantas

Kristen Duda

Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Intelex

JR VanOrder

Global Practice Director, CH2M

Andrés Ogaz

Vice President Technology, Operations Modeling & Planning

Michael McHugh

Environmental Manager, Koppers Inc.

Chris Wiegand

CEO, Jibestream

Carl Westerdahl

Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

EHSQ Leadership Summit 

The EHSQ Leadership Summit is the premier business leadership gathering health, safety, environmental sustainability, and quality management professionals. The Summit highlights strategic opportunities for using mobile technology, big data, cloud-based collaboration, and predictive modelling to move from a reactionary, risk-based approach to a preventative mindset that will ultimately help companies be more productive and ensure brand integrity.

The Summit moves beyond standard incident reporting practices; it will highlight data-driven examples of how senior leaders can evolve beyond traditional reporting systems to achieve exponentially stronger performance in all aspects of EHSQ. By discussing how to create environments conducive to data capture and pairing this with bottom-up user adoption best practices, the Summit demonstrates how to achieve breakthrough insights that can lead to continuous improvement and organizational transformation.

The EHSQ Leadership Summit gives senior executives the opportunity to learn and think alongside fellow industry leaders. Delegates will return with knowledge of how deploying the right technological innovation can reduce risk, drive continuous improvement on EHSQ, and position their organizations as leaders in best practices and profitability.

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