The Leadership Summit is an invite-only event for senior business leaders.

    The Summit will move beyond standard incident reporting practices; it will highlight data-driven examples of how senior leaders can evolve beyond traditional reporting systems to achieve exponentially stronger performance in all aspects of EHSQ.

Who Should Attend?

    If you’re a director, VP or c-suite-level leader who wants to achieve objectives by effectively employing real world data and analysis, the EHSQ Leadership Summit is for you.

    Delegates will return with knowledge of how deploying the right technological innovation can reduce risk, drive continuous improvement on EHSQ, and position their organizations as leaders in best practices and profitability.

  • Great PresentationsHear from innovators—experts who implemented EHSQ changes and delivered results.
  • Amazing SpeakersMeet the thought leaders driving the next iteration of EHSQ thinking and learn what's coming next.
  • A Value-Driven AgendaWe'll make sure you have the time to learn from, and collaborate with, leaders in different industries to share best practices.

Event Location